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In one call we can change your whole outlook and the way you achieve goals. Are you feeling lost at sea? Full of ideas and lacking focus? Or just feel like there's something bigger out there for you?


The whole kaboodle. It's time for you to step up, clear out, and get your sh*t together. Success is waiting for you, so pull the trigger. Imagine your life being different in three months time. Let's get you where you need to be.

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Online Intensive

In less time than a Friday night Netflix binge, you could get your mind in order.

Be honest with yourself. How many projects have you started and not completed? How often have you announced your new idea over coffee and watched your friends smile and nod politely even though you SWEAR it's not like last time? How often do you begin something full of excitement and passion, only to wind up overwhelmed and overstimulated before giving up and moving on to the next thing? 

What you need is a kick up the ass and a little time with me.

In this 90 minute online intensive, we will work to identify your passion project, your actual goal, your "I really want this" dream - and then build a plan to achieve it. This time is going to give you a clear and actionable step-by-step plan that YOU have designed for yourself. No generic "one download fits all" attitude here.


You can expect:

- Pre-intensive homework  to give you time to reflect on what you wish to achieve

- 90 minutes of intensive work together, including clarity work, productivity training and CSI like interrogation. Ok not really, but I will ask some uncomfortable questions - if you really want to achieve you should be ready to accept that what you want is outside of your comfort zone. That's why you haven't achieved it yet.

- A clear goal that will make you feel fulfilled and purposeful, with the "new idea" rush you love to feel

- A workable action plan with additional steps for you to work on alone

- Notes and plan emailed to you post intensive

- Lifetime access to Facebook Support Group for likeminded busy brains

- A FREE 30 minute session to follow up within the month and check on your progress

Total investment in yourself: $199

You can achieve great results if you come to me fully prepared to work at it. These tools will give you a plan to move forward with anything else you want to achieve later in life and a better understanding of how to plan projects for your own personal productivity style.

Be warned: this is a no excuse have the chance to achieve more than other people would even consider, if you only set your mind to it.

(If you take my full signature program after this, you will receive the full fee of this intensive as discount)

Signature Program

The whole shabang wrapped up in 90 days for you

You've tried it all. You download every course, watch every webinar, you've maybe tried different coaches -  but you still feel like something is missing. You are the one that everyone comes to for advice because you seem to have it all together. But deep down, you know you aren't achieving your full potential. You are the Queen of Procrastination - but it's not because you're lazy. In fact, you are capable of so much more, you just can't get all the steps in order.

This signature program is for the high-functioning messy-minded busy-brains who need to get their shit together. Why 90 days? 

It's science that it takes 30 days to create a habit, and up to 90 days to create automatic behaviours and see their results.

That's why you'll see my program broken into three blocks of 30 days.

DAYS 1-30

This is the bit where we get clarity. We figure out what you need, what you want, and what makes you happy. We decide on goals and get clear on the obstacles on the way. Most importantly, we work together to overcome any inner beliefs that are going to hold you back. Consider this us laying the groundwork for the tough stuff.

DAYS 31-60

Time to form habits. Together we decide what behaviours will help get you towards your goal, and then we start training you to develop the habit. This is the bit where the novelty has worn off, and your procrastinator personality will be coming guess what. For this thirty days, I check up on you every day. Here to hold your hand and kick your ass every step of the way, cos accountability is key in this period.

DAYS 61-90

By this point you will be seeing changes in your life based on how hard you've worked. Together we look at your plan and continue setting actionable steps towards your end goal, while making tweaks here and there depending on how your previous 60 days have gone. After all, life happens right?

Days 90 onwards - our time together has ended but the results will continue. You will be feeling clearer and focussed, but most importantly, you'll know exactly what you need to do moving forward. Now and in future. And if you want the additional support, you can take advantage of rolling monthly guidance at a loyal client discount (details on request)

Total investment in yourself: 90 Days - $2995 if paid in full. $1100 per month if paid over 3 months

Come to this course fully committed, and you will see radical changes in your every day life. From increased productivity, higher clarity and a better outlook and mindset, you will have a new set of tools individual to you, to reshape your entire future.