Who's Tess?

I'm Tess. My best self has different faces. At my most

depressed, "Best Tess" was able to get out of bed to have a

shower. Saying that, other versions of "Best Tess" has also jumped

out of a plane, fought in a boxing match with no experience (and got her nose broken), stood on stage and delivered presentations to 500 people and generated million dollar revenue every month. I've been awarded MVP for a million dollar company, I've been top performer for my sales results, I'm a certified Canfield Trainer, I've worked with worldwide brands, I've saved a man's life, I've delivered countless public presentations and trainings...and I've also attempted suicide. Why is that important?

Did my life suck when I did that? The first time, yes, I would say so. Not in comparison to the people who live in poverty, or warzones, but everyone's pain is unique. It sucked enough that people weren't surprised when I did it. The second time? The second time, I went to work that day and nobody had any idea. I laughed and joked with friends. I went to the gym. I cooked my dinner. And then I took enough painkillers to knock out a gorilla. 

Here's the thing. Mental Health is not a black and white, diagnosis vs recovery kinda concept. In fact, since developing mental health issues, there's been regular peaks and troughs, and I've come to settle with the fact that I am a high functioning human with depressive moods sometimes. I am the girl that on the surface has it all together. But I know how it feels to have the little self saboteur, the devil on my shoulder that whispers..."but how long before your messy mind ruins this?"

I used to feel constantly overwhelmed and over stimulated - full of exciting ideas and passion, but fizzling out halfway through projects, and on to the next dopamine rush. I was left feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, discontent...and that triggered that depressive and anxious cycle all over again.

I am perfectly capable of having mental health issues AND being damn good at what I do. I'm a cheese loving, wine drinking, tea making, stupid dancing, public speaking, sales achieving, mostly happy (sometimes not) kinda gal. Messy and Successy. That's me. 

And that's what brought me to launching No Right Way Ltd. I wanted to launch a company that is helping the people who can't quite get themselves together but are full of potential. Sound like you? Read on.

Who do you help?

I'm here for the people who can't get their sh*t together - no matter how it looks like on the outside. The people who cry in the office bathrooms then go deliver bomb-ass presentations. The squirrel brains. The ones who run after every failed project. The edgy ones. The quirky ones. The ball-buster soft-at-hearts. The ones who don't ask for help. The ones who people think don't need the help.

I'm here for the people who could write a book on procrastination if they could ever get round to it. The ones who start projects and don't finish them. The ones who are full of ideas and energy, and no focus to see it through. The ones who appear full of life and yet feel a little empty. The ones who have the goals, but not the motivation. The ones who feel

just not-quite-right.

Are you a therapist?

Nope. This is not a service to improve mental health on a clinical level. There'll be no medication, no psychological assessments, and I won't offer crisis support. I am not a clinician, nor a therapist. 

Therapists focus on fixing broken people and focussing on a pain point in the past. Coaches focus on developing people and focussing on tools for a future.

I am certified to deliver coaching. I am personally and professionally experienced in various fields of success and productivity. Will your mental health likely benefit from the work you do with me? Absolutely. But let me be clear - coaching is not a substitute for clinical work when required.

(If you're reading this and need urgent help, please call emergency services or Samaritans)

What methods do you use?

Here's what I do. I get to know you. What makes you tick and what makes you sick. I find out what's going on, why you're not hitting goals, where your priorities lie and how you work. Then I give you a whole load of strategy that I've learned over more than a decade of managerial experience, learning and personal development and my own experience as an award winning entrepreneur. I also give you a whole load of mindset work because if your head isn't in the game, neither are you. I mix Jack Canfield Success Principle Training (yep, I'm certified), with NLP methods (yep, I'm certified) and a whole load of straight talking, no bull, accountability checks.

The Mission

To provide Success Training and 1:1 coaching to those struggling to fight the overwhelm, get their mind straight and achieve what they are able to, while simultaneously acting as an advocate to promote more open communication about mental health issues.

You deserve to be better at being you, in all your messy and successy ways.

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